Catch Report 06/10/21

My good friend Jack couldn’t resist coming back for more and fished for 4 days catching 23 Carp!

Including 5 x 30’s , Orange Spot at 36lb.03oz, Mel 36lb 01oz, Louisa, Turkish, and a new unknown 30 coming in at 30lb 1/2oz that Jack has proudly named “1/2 oz”.

Numerous upper 20’s on the bank as well !

Thanks for coming back Jack, great fishing again boy !

Catch Report 25/09/21

Brett and Neil visited the lake for the first time in late September and both had a great weeks fishing! They enjoyed so much they have already booked up for September next year…..Thank you

Top weight “Turkish” 34lb , 3 x 30’s, 15x High 20’s, 2 Nice Grass Carp and Nicola being caught twice.

Heres a couple of their best pics and look forward to seeing you both next year.

Catch Report 11/09/21

Colin visited us for a week, and with no night fishing or early starts he still managed to land 20 Carp, catching ”Mel” at 35lb.04oz and along the way naming “Scar” at 31lb and ”Fin” at 30lb 6oz.

Great fishing Colin, well done 👍🏻

Catch Report 17/08/21

“Allan” a regular of ours visited and fished for 10 days.

Bearing in mind ‘Allan” only does short daytime sessions he caught the following :

44 Carp on the bank.

Biggest a Mirror at 32.5lb named “Julie Wooley” after the Mrs.

3 other 30lb+ Mirrors named “Louisa” 32lb (caught 3 times), Mel 30.5lb and Orange Spot 30.2lb.

Well done “Allan” great fishing with some lovely Carp.