Our Lake

Carphunters is a mature 5 acre lake surrounded by parkland and forest, with Common and Mirror Carp to 50lb+.
There are 6 swims which have been well thought out, each offering plenty of water coverage, with depths ranging from 3 feet down to 10 feet in the deepest parts.

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1, The Willows (A Double Swim)


2, Middleman


3, The Pretty Swim


4, Dug Out


5, Hide Out


6, The Bay


There are numerous features around the lake which includes Overhanging trees, Shrubs, Lilly Pads, Gravel Bars, Plateaus, Shelves, and Tree Lined Bays, all of which are natural holding areas and patrol routes for the Carp.

No Weed, Catfish, Crayfish or Nuisance Birds.
The site is completely secure with plenty of parking along with a locked gate for privacy, whilst being totally secluded.